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Monday, March 21, 2011


Yesterday, at 20 months, we flipped the car seats.

My reason for doing this was because lately the temperature has already reached 90-degrees and my car was getting hot.  In Arizona, cool air blasting on your face is a must and you cannot get that experience when you are in a carseat facing backwards.

Of course, the DAY after we flipped, a storm came in, cooling the temperature to a mere 60...and the AAP officially came out with the new guideline of keeping children rear facing until two.

I do feel guilty that we flipped early.  However, I know next week when it is hot again, the kids will be a lot happier.  I also feel a little sad because this is yet another step away from baby-hood; my babies are real kids.  I am realizing that before I know it, our days of running with the stroller will be over.  I am going to try not think about that, but instead savor every single one of our runs.  I am so grateful that they love the jogging stroller and that I have been able to share one of my biggest life passions with them.

Anyway, back to the car seats  - our first car trip was to Trader Joes:




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