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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jogging Stroller Session #4 (First day of Sandals!)

Another day of training with the babies!

Today we did 7 miles (56 minutes) which included 2 tempo intervals (7 min, 30 seconds each...7:21 pace and 7:19 pace ). This was 10 seconds faster per mile than last week, which pleased us. We are getting very excited for race day!

Today was also the warmest day of the year - high of the 88 but according to my car thermometer, we hit 90. 90 felt hot - it was a grim realization that soon this is the weather I will be running/biking in...but alas, that is life when you live in Arizona. We had a wonderful fall, and a beautiful winter. I cannot complain.

Since it was so warm, I dressed the babies sandals! I bought them each new sandals during the winter. Well, I bought Hayden new sandals - I bought Brenna 3 new sandals (white, gold/pink, purple)...girl shoes are just so much more fun!

Here they are last summer - this is the first time they ever wore sandals:

Here is Hayden today...checking out his new shoes:

He likes them?

Brenna wants to wear her sandals:

She likes them (of course)

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