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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Running with a Jogging Stroller (Sessions 1, 2)

Running with a jogging stroller is a different sport than running. First, the obvious - the constant resistance. In my case, this resistance is almost 60-pounds...and increasing:

They really don't look like babies much anymore, do they?

But aside from the obvious, it requires developing an entirely new running form. Perhaps with a single stroller you can push with one arm, but to a double stroller requires two arms; swinging your arms is a huge part of running, although a part that is overlooked until you cannot do it. Next time you are running and you are tired, try swinging your arms more. You'll notice increased speed and less fatigue. With the stroller, that advantage gets taken away.

However, it is replaced with the fact that you can lean forward and put some of your weight on the stroller. This is a huge advantage! So, I would not say that running with a stroller is harder per say, but it is quite different.

Also, the elements become more challenging. A simple, innocuous breeze feels like a full forced headwind. A gentle, gradual upgrade feels like a mountain.

And, lets not forget - you have the rest of your team to worry about. They dont like to run into the sun, they dont like their snack cup to be empty, and they like to toss their toys overboard. And, sometimes they like to sing Old McDonald Had a Farm. Over and over again.

We are going to run a 5k at the zoo. We dont have much time to get into stroller-running shape, but we will cram some training in and see what we can accomplish.

Tuesday Baby-Training: 5 miles w/ speedwork
-4.5 min "fast"** x 2 (1 min recovery) **sub 7:25 pace
-1 min "fast"** x 6 (30 sec recovery) **sub 7 pace
-2 min "fast"** x 3 (50 sec recovery) **sub 7:15 pace

Thursday (today) Baby Training: 7.1 miles w/ tempo intervals
-13 min @ 7:30 pace
-9 min @ 7:25 pace
*insert 4 minute stupid hill*
-15 min @ 7:30 pace

As not to disturb our morning routine (because Hayden and I hate change!) I did these workouts in the afternoon. I have always failed as an afternoon runner. By the time late afternoon rolls around, I have already ate two breakfasts, two lunches, a few cookies and a handful of candy. It's really not pleasant to run and digest at the same time. I have no idea how people run after dinner. I am the type of girl that likes to run marathons on an empty stomach.

I was able to overlook the tummy cramps as I was running - and I wont go into detail but lets just say that there was some uncomfortable aftermath.

Since summer is approaching and change is inevitable; next week we are going to resume our morning workouts. This means no more spin classes :( I am going to miss them.

Also, in the morning, the babies are unusually cuddly; it]s the only time of the day they are willing to sit still. Sometimes I try to snuggle with Hayden after work and he screams like world is ending. So in the mornings we all pile on the couch and watch cartoons. I will also miss this:

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