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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Bike - The Review

I guess running up a mountain, as fast you can, pushing 60-pounds of babies, can really do a number on your legs because I have spent the last few days very sore. But with some rest and stretching, I'm recovered.

Which means I finally got to go out on my new bike!

31 miles @ 19.6 mph at Pecos Road.

My initial reaction - disappointment. Apparently now matter how nice your bike is, wind still exists and its still frustrating and annoying.

But once I accepted the wind, I appreciated my new bike. The first thing I noticed was how quiet it was. It's a bike for a ninja - it doesn't make a sound! It is also a very smooth almost feels like I am gliding.

Here is the bike:

I spent hours get measured, with angles getting calculated...there is a lot more to bike fitting than just getting the right size frame. The new position made my back hurt a little bit but I am hoping once I adjust it is more comfortable.

I also finally got some cycling shorts, courtesy of the magnificent Jacquie Lockwood. Her name is actually written on the tag - such an honor!

My goals for my new bike:
- ride consistently in the 20-22 mph range
- learn how to change my tire

I am now going to share some photos from a small family gathering over the weekend. My dad's sister came in town, with her son/daughter-in-law/2 grand-daughters. They live in the midwest.

Here is Brenna looking "cool" in sunglasses:

Here is me and David looking a lot less cool..bunny ears are sooooo second grade:

And all three takes of our family photo. Brenna wasn't in the mood to pose:



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  1. clearly very late on this, but congrats on the twins!!! adorable!