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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jogging Stroller Session #3

Half way done until race day. Today we did a fartlek style run around Tempe. A fartlek style run is a form of speedwork....instead of doing a concrete interval, you run to certain landmarks.

We started at a park near ASU and did a warm up to Mill Ave bridge...and then the fun started:

- Run over bridge (.35 mile/6:48 pace)
- Run through Tempe Town Lake Park and to the Art Center (.57 mile/7:15 pace)
- 90 seconds x 2 w/ 35 second recovery (6:45/6:55 pace)
- Run under the Mill Ave Bridge (.6 mile/6:58 pace)
- 1 min "on" (sub-7)/40 seconds "off" all the way past Rural road
- 40 seconds "on"/20 seconds "off" back to Mill
- Run back over the bridge! (7:15 pace this time, I will blame a gentle headwind)

7.2 miles total, 58 minutes.

The kids were definitely ready to get out the jogging stroller when we were done so I was thankful that I started at the park. The park was big and of course they wanted to climb up everything, nearly giving me a heart attack.

I was so happy when I finally had them contained in swings!

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