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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jogging Stroller Session #7 - Mile Repeats

We couldn't end training without squeezing in some mile repeats!

In high school cross country I dreaded these workouts.  DREADED them.   And somehow, during the last 10 years, I have grown a weird fondness for them.  They are a great indicator of improvement and since it's a longer interval, you don't have to do as many.  Seriously, does 8 800s sound more fun?  Or how about 16 400s?  Exactly.

When training for 5ks and half marathons, sometimes I like to stick an extra .1 after the mile to emulate the last stretch of the race.  .1 doesnt sound like much, but its an extra 30+ seconds.

Anyway, the kids and I rocked this workout:

1.1 miles (7:38 / 6:58 pace)
1.1 miles (7:29 / 6:49 pace)
1 mile - 6:47
1 mile - 6:39!!!!!!!

1 minute active recoveries - plus two recoveries where a little longer because I needed to refill snack bowls.  Today they had cheerios, freeze dried apples and freeze dried strawberries.

That last mile may have been the fastest mile I've ran with the jogging stroller.  Honestly, at .8 of that mile the kids started fighting which made me run even faster.  One rule of speedwork: we do not stop in the middle of the interval.  I will run faster to finish the interval, but I won't stop.  Before each run, we go over what the workout is, so they know that if we are running fast, they need to just wait it out.  Or in this case, hash it out.

This morning:

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  1. YOU. ARE. AMAZING!!!!! <3 seriously. this is just awesome.