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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Princess Rides a Pony!!!!

You may remember this darling video of Brenna, dressed as a princess, riding her toy pony:

These days, Brenna still rides her pony quite often. Sometimes dressed as a princess, sometimes clad in just a diaper.

Today, she got into her princess outfit and did what every Princess is born to do - she RODE A REAL PONY!!!!!

As you can see in the photos, at first she was unsettled; I think she was disappointed to find out that real ponies are not pink. Nor do they sing musical songs when you squeeze their ears. This is a coming of age moment that all princesses must endure - sometimes lessons of life teach us things we wish were not true.


The pony was the highlight of our weekend but the entire weekend was very enjoyable.

Training was a 13.5 mile run on Saturday and a 45-mile bike ride on Sunday (group ride!!) I felt very strong and fast for both of those workouts.

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