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Sunday, February 13, 2011

End of Week Feb7-13 - End of Training!

Friday's Training: 24 mile bike ride (Pecos road) @ 18.6 miles per hour / briked with a 1.6 mile run (with huge hill). I felt pretty good on this ride. I would love to start seeing my pace break 19mph. My Ironman friend Andy says that my legs are not strong enough to do this. We'll see.

Saturday's Training: 11.3 mile run @ 8:24 pace (included a 1.75 mile uphill). I ran with Suzanne, Andy and Dan - it was so wonderful to see everyone! I also met a new girl named Shelly who told me about an all-womens half ironman in Norcal. Of course now I want to go! It appeals to me for two reasons: 1) I love all womens races and 2) I love Norcal. But I wonder if a half ironman sounds more glamorous than it really is. Do I want to bike 56 miles bricked with a half marathon?? Would I enjoy that? Anyway, it was a super fun run...very easy.

Sunday's Training: 23 mile bike ride with Ron @ 16mph,,,but that inlcuded traffic lights and everything. Bricked that with 1.25 and then rode another 10 miles @ 17mph. This time, I had a headwind...(yes, it was real) and then I bricked THAT with another half a mile. Whew!

So, that brings me to the end of my third and final week of training:

Running: 38 miles (speed/tempo/trail/stroller/long run)
Biking: 68 miles outside, 3 sessions on the trainer of various lengths, 2 spin classes
Weights: 1
Swim: nothing this week

I think you know you trained good when you feel ready for your taper. And folks, I do feel ready to taper. I may have only trained for three weeks but I packed it in. Don't get me wrong - I had a blast!! But I am ready to sleep in past 4am regularly and workout like a normal human being.

So how will I taper?

1 workout per day - less than 1 hour a day - and at least 2 rest days. What workouts I choose will be based on what I feel like doing.

Twins: We had a nice weekend although it felt like a very long weekend. Maybe because we didnt drink? But oh, so many times this weekend did I want a glass of wine! David is studying very hard for his level 2 CFA so drinking is not in the cards for us right now. The kids had quite a few fussy moments this weekend (hence why so many times I wanted that glass of wine). Still overall, they were very well behaved. And, they took FOUR hour naps both days.

On Saturday, David and I separated them for a few hours. When you are used to always having two babies, having one baby is almost as easy as no baby. Brenna and I went to Alberstons and I let her toddle around the entire store. Then we went to the park.

Normally she loves the park but she didnt seem quite like herself. I think she missed her brother.

Today, we had one of our more difficult grocery shopping outings. Hayden sat in the cart and I wore Brenna on my back. She kept kicking off her shoe and getting upset. So finally, I told her that I was just going to leave her shoe off. I put the shoe in my purse, which Hayden had (he likes to hold it while we shop). He kept opening up my purse, taking the shoe out, and throwing the shoe on the floor.
But we managed to get everything we needed AND we left with the shoe.

They redeemed themselves later in the day when we took a wagon walk to Walgreens to buy my mother flowers for Valentines day. Hayden is her valentine so he picked out a card as well.

I am not sure this picture does justice of the need to imagine Toddler Tunes blaring from the wagon trunk and the wagon crashing into things every timed we turned a corner (wagons make wide turns). Nonetheless, this was a fun trip! The weather today was absolutely spectacular.

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  1. I love how H. decided to carry out the work of his sister after you tried to thwart her shoe throwing. Babies wanted that shoe on the floor!