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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tapering and Tantrums (and Sweet Tomatoes)


Monday - easy trail run (no watch/no garmin)
Tuesday - 25 min mainetance lifting, 25 minute lap swim
Wednesday - 17 mile bike ride (Pecos loop) @ 19.4 mph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bricked with 2.5 miles
Thursday - spin class

Tapering is fun, the only thing missing is quality sleep. On Monday night Hayden woke up (inconsolably) and on Tuesday night Brenna woke up (inconsolably).

Last night was good sleep though - 10:30-6! No wonder I feel so good today.

Tomorrow will be a rest day- I have a massage planned. Saturday was going to be a rest day but my best running friend has a "hurt heart" so I am going to do a few miles with him.

And then.........race day! I am so excited.

I love racing. Love love love love LOVE.
It strange, I am not a competitive person in any other aspect of my life. You're prettier than me? Great, I like looking at you. You're wealthier than me? Great, you can take me out to lunch. You're smarter than me? Great, you can teach me something.
But when it comes to sports its a whole different story.
I'm not elite so I dont race to win, but I certainly look to those on my left, and those on my right, and race to beat them.
But that is the whole purpose of racing, right?

Twins: Brenna has been throwing a few good tantrums lately! She is dramatic (supposedly like me). Yesterday I took her to the mall. She was well-behaved until I started to let them ride the coin operated rides. Once she started riding, she did not want to stop. Of course when I put her back in the stroller, she arched her back and screamed at the top of her lungs. "Please stop," I told her. I hate being "that" mom in public places. But she didnt stop, so we left.

Today she threw another tantrum while walking into the gym. You have to walk past the cafe to enter and exit the gym. When she saw the cafe she attempted to fling herself out of the stroller. She forgot about the cafe once she entered the daycare. But, she threw ANOTHER tantrum when we passed the cafe on our way out. This tantrum lasted all the way home.

I am unphased when it comes to her screaming. But its embarrassing.

We were able to have an enjoyable dinner last night sans tantrums. We took the kids to Sweet Tomatoes. Those who know me understand that I have a deep love for this restaurant. I have gone there for birthdays, date nights, during vacations...
This was the first time taking the kids, though. I am not sure why I waited this long, I guess I thought a buffet-style restaurant would be difficult?

The kids were perfectly behaved ! They had so much to eat. Brenna surprised me by liking jicama and beets.

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