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Friday, February 25, 2011

Wants vs Needs

It's not always easy to distinguish what we want, versus what we need.

In some cases, it's black and white...for example, you need to food. But you probably dont need the sea bass for $10/pound.

However, I think sometimes it subjective because even though we dont necessarily need things for survival, we may need them for life satisfaction and happiness. I wont die if I dont own a good kitchen knife, but I will drive myself crazy trying to dice onions every night if I dont have one.

Using that same thought pattern, I have come to a conclusion.

I need a new bike.

I had to take my jogging stroller tire to the bike shop (again) and while I was there I learned:
1) my bike is too big for me
2) my bike is heavy and clunky compared to all these other awesome bikes
3) I have been biking this entire time on a man seat. How am I supposed to get comfortable riding long rides on a seat meant for BALLS????

I then road my bike (22 miles @ 18.7 mph) and it was chattering a lot. And my gears were sticking. It was as if my bike was begging me to get rid of it.

I realize I presented the idea of a new bike to some of you (*cough*mom/dad*cough*) and I suggested that I needed a $5,000 bike. I stand corrected - I WANT a $5,000 bike. The bike I need costs only $1,500.

It is beautiful.
1) it fits me
2) it is made of carbon-fiber like all the other awesome bikes
3) it has a high-performance FEMALE seat

OK, so perhaps this blog entry is propaganda geared to certain people but just consider it an investment. I will accept partial contributions as a belated birthday present *COUGH*

When I told Brenna about the new bike, her facial expression said it all:

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