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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Final Results and Thoughts

Final results for the race were posted and I am pleased with the results. I failed to realize that there was a relay race going on at the same time. So while I thought I was getting my ass kicked on the bike, a lot of those women were part of a relay team (and thus did not do the run).

I came snuggly in the top third, and placed 3rd in my age group. I still didnt have a great race, and certainly not a brag-worthy race, but I do like to win bling. Also, its a boost to my self- esteem; I realize that it may seem as if I am hard on myself.

It's just that I am a runner.

I have always been a runner. It's not what I do, it is who I am. If you take away my running shoes, you may as well cut off my foot.

But I am not a cyclist.
And I am even less a swimmer.

So when I compete in these events, I very easily ask myself, Why am I doing this? Why am I swaying away from my element? Why am I navigating away from what I am good at?

The answer at the end of the day is because the triathlon is fun and triathletes are awesome.

Although I have done quite a few triathlons, I refer to myself as a "runner who dabbles in triathlons" because I have yet to feel like a true triathlete. It's almost like I sit at the edge of the cool table, not feeling like I quite fit in.

But I am determined.

And I think Hayden is determine to follow in my footsteps; he first just needs to figure out the clothing aspect.


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