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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Running up Mountains

Training: 65 minute bike ride on trainer (AM), 62 minute trail run at South Mountain (noon). I didnt mean to run for 62 minutes; my plan was to only run around 40. But I got passed. I have been running at South Mountain since I was 12 years old. My cross country race course was at South Mountain. I know every trail, every hill, every boulder. No one passes me on my own turf.

We exchanged hellos and I asked if he was going up the mountain. My plan was to turn around at the base of the mountain but that would look wussy. He said yes, and asked if I wanted to join him. So up we went, and up and up. It felt great and almost effortless. I ran with glee up the mountain, with him panting close behind. With every curve the trail got steeper, my legs got faster and my smile got bigger. This is why I run.

At the top of the mountain we agreed to meet again next week and I took a trail that would curve around and bring me down. He took a trail that would bring him to the other side of the park (11 miles away).

Once I curved around and started my descent, a cold burst of wind hit me. It does get cold in the winter in Arizona - especially on mountains - especially on windy days. I powered through and batteled a headwind back to my car.

I am writing this with a smile on my face. Even in the cold, and even in the wind, trail running brings me the most peace and satisfaction. It defines me.

I dont know the exact distance of my run because my Garmin broke. I bought a new one, it should be here tomorrow. I was struggling between the 305 and the 405. The 405 has a prettier appearance but not so great reviews. I was very happy with my 305 so I went with that.

Unfortunatly it wont be here until Friday so tomorrow I have to do speedwork sans Garmin. Without knowing my pace, it wont be very fun nor motivating. Also, the low is 29 and its supposed to be windy. That doesnt sound very fun either but I cant let mother nature ruin my training.

Twins: Today they accompanied me to the grocery store. I had 35 coupons so we were there for a long time. They sat in the double cart and tried to yank everything in reaching distance off the shelves. We ended up spending $60 on what was originally an $111 bill. We got wine, boca burgers, Wasa crackers, tons of pantry stuff, yogurt, and even a baby thermometer.

Here is Brenna this morning, dressed for the cold weather:


I think their headcolds are almost gone!!

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